Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Subscription Service

Today (July 25,2007) we added a new shopping cart for erosion firms, design agencies, government agencies, contractors and consultants who recognize that erosion is a daily, ongoing task.

This new process creates a user friendly environment and options for a 1-2-3-etc month subscription
All you do is notify us when to cancel the subscription
With a paid subscription (via PayPal) , the cart offers a free three day trial subscription.
Then the subscription is automatically billed out every 30 days for $9.99

New sites are added monthly to your database and will be found on the "Up-dates" page

If your site is not presently offered, or you have a suggestion for a site, notify us by e-mail with its information and the desired category, and the site will be listed with the next up-date
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