Friday, March 26, 2010

Seawater desalination — a green technology?

The need for resource-saving, low-impact “green” desalination technologies is evident as the use of desalination accelerates in many parts of the world. The concept of “best available techniques” (BAT) aims at the identification of state of the art technologies, processes, or methods of operation which indicate the practical suitability for preventing or reducing pollution of the atmosphere, water and soil, as well as the quantities of waste, and for reducing the impact on the environment as a whole. This paper describes ...

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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Arizona Legislature Considers Stuffing Used Tires into Abandoned Mines

Given the state of the economy you’d think they’d be pinching every penny but it appears that the State of Arizona has money to burn – perhaps literally. Last week the House voted in favor of a bill that would use old tires to fill abandoned mines. The bill’s supporters cite the growing problem of used tire dumps, but apparently they don’t keep up with the latest business news. Magnum D’Or and InfoSpi are just two of the rapidly growing number of companies that see the potential for recycling those tire dumps into real money – and creating more green jobs to boot.

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Monday, March 8, 2010

EPA rules try to rein in runoff

COUNCIL BLUFFS — Those towering snowdrifts will soon melt into headaches for land developers and homeowners alike, but the Environmental Protection Agency will add a catch to the muddy mix.
A final rule the agency issued in November to reduce water pollution from construction sites became effective in February. The regulations to improve water quality and reduce the amount of sediment washed from construction sites will be phased in over four years.

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Monday, March 1, 2010

Earthquake Rebuilding with Recycled Tire Logs

Don't grind old tires; slice 'em and roll 'em up into rubber logs to use like lumber. From footwear to handbags and earthship homes, recycled tires have found various forms of an afterlife, but that doesn't come close to dealing with the vast numbers of waste tires generated each year. Most "recycling" of tires involves rubber grinding which is a source of pollution and a huge energy guzzler. But designed to be indestructible, tires have a useful after life. So how can millions of discarded Bridgestones and Goodyears help fortify the rebuilding of Haiti, and now earthquake-ravaged Chile?

Tire Logs. Re-Tread Products produces a low-tech version of recycling tires that has several applications. With the advantage of the "bend don't break" flexibility of the material, Tire Logs have proven effective in various civil engineering projects, including earthquake-resistant building, sea walls, highway noise barriers, and sandbag replacements for erosion control. They also eliminate toxins from chemically treated wood that leaches into the water system and without the ineffecient energy that grinding rubber into new materials produces.

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SCI’s New Dust Control Operation Established in Ecuador Helps Environment and Fights Global Warming

Austin, Texas, 02/24/10 – Soils Control International establishes front lines for environmental advancement in Ecuador. SCI will be delivering dust control, soil stabilization and erosion control to the advancing country.

Soils Control International (SCI) has recently established a distribution point in Ecuador to provide dust control to the country and surrounding areas. The importance of dust control with regards to the environment have been well studied and determined to be of upmost importance when dealing with dirt and gravel type roads. It is the intention of SCI to help emerging countries to manage their resources as well as their finances by offering a product that not only helps the environment but also their pocket book.

Soils Control International has been in the dust control and soil stabilization business for almost a quarter of a century. The majority of their operations have been with governments of third world countries trying to make lives better for their citizens. SCI has developed a dust control and soil stabilization product that has revolutionized the industry. There is no longer that need to use hazardous materials such as waste oil and industrial byproducts. SCI’s Main dust control product is Labeled Top-Seal™ Liquid Soil Stabilizer and Sealant. It is one of the only road dust control products on the market that has recognized as environmentally save and very effective in the stabilization of soils as well as the control of dust.

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