Friday, May 22, 2015

Scarred Environments

In 1965, my family moved from Connecticut to Santa Barbara, CA and I, in one year, "graduated" from playing hockey to surfing.

Thar first season, we endured the scarring of the foothills of the Sespe National Forest from the forest fires only to soon suffer the oil spill in the Channel Islands near Santa Barbara, CA..

Needless to say, my surfing legacy was rudely interrupted  and be-calmed  by the massive oil slink that sickened both the environment and those of is, both fauna and flora, who ventured into unsafe waters .

Two days ago an environmental problem re-surfaced

Arguably, the debate is no longer about whether environmental toxins and accompanying environmental pollution  is happening, but on what we do about them.

  • Bioaugmentation–the addition of bacterial cultures required to speed up the rate of degradation of a contaminant. 

  • Secondary spill containment  using GeoTextiles for the containment of hazardous liquids in order to prevent pollution of soil and water

  • Techniques specifically designed to restore scarred environments to a fully natural state, quickly and efficiently with long term sustainability
 "Ecotoxicology" was coined by RenĂ© Truhaut in 1969 who defined the subdiscipline of environmental toxicology as the study of the effects of toxic chemicals on biological organisms.
EXPERT ENVIRONMENTAL CONSULTING SERVICES paired alongside SOIL SCIENTISTS  protect the environment by preventing soil erosion of scarred land and/or water and are committed to Targeted Results for   :
  • pedologists
  • edaphologists
  • soil classifiers
  • soil surveyors
  • environmental site assessors
  • erosion
  • sediment control specialists
  • Wetland Deliminators

  Geo-syntheticsis, a type of polymeric material, is predominantly used in engineering applications such as civil construction, environmental protection projects., and  environmental cleanup projects..

    Contaminants In the Environment

 Environmental law - or 'environmental and natural resources law' -   cleans-up the rest