Wednesday, April 8, 2015

2015 the "International Year of Soil"

Open Erosion Forum

  World Bank

Around the globe as people with relevant experience or an interest in Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences,  utilize Task Managers to ensure Environmental Compliance conforms to environmental laws, regulations, standards and other requirement.

Cities and military customers worldwide are increasingly a nexus for environmental challenges.

 Distancing through Differencing

Your open forum is an  interactive, subscription-based tool that provides environmental solutions to issues and research-based insights on the sustainability trends that are shaping our future.

 Your online erosion web site identifies issues such as biodiversity, climate change and green infrastructure,

Green Infrastructure is part of a collaborative to build sustainable communities, targets environmental products that enhance sustainable communities  via "Purifying Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences" emissions.

Environmental transparency reports reduce Reporting Time, and Costs.The ecological and sociological "footprint" of Quality Assurance, or QA for short, refers to planned and systematic production processes that provide confidence in a product's suitability for its intended purpose.

An action plan is a logical solution for countries and regions  to develop and implement.

Annual freshwater resources    

A study that found hydraulic fracturing for natural gas puts drinking-water supplies in Pennsylvania at risk of contamination may renew a long-running debate between industry and activists

Epic California drought is preview of future global warming mega-droughts


  •  listing of worldwide flood control projects.
 Environmental Solutions Protect the Environment and Limit  Storm-water Contamination!