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Your Network summarizes nearly 3,500  methods,  products and resources for controlling,  preventing and protecting erosion and its effects on the Global Environment.


The Environmental Sustainability Index (ESI) for those who want to become involved in and knowledgeable about environmental advocacy.

We partner with our clients to manage risk management and assessment to Eradicate Erosion by environmental services and  hazmat solutions   thus shielding them from  costly noncompliance code compliance violations.

 Cleaning up the environment of  toxic metals are  an an important focus of the green economy. Sites that are polluted because of industrial activity, the use of pesticides and fertilizer, or the release of other pollutants must be cleaned up in order to redevelop them or return them to their natural state. 

We do not attempt to tackle natural erosion, only that which has been caused by man-made practices.  Some erosion is required in a healthy river. When erosio is aggravated by land use, then we look for permissions and funds to address the situation. 

   Moving forward, : Inside 30 years

 Vietnam has gone from importing rice to becoming the world’s second largest rice exporter. Over-use of pesticides is damaging the environment, but farmers in the Mekong Delta say they've found a solution.

Australia soils are losing about 1.6 million tonnes of carbon each year from wind erosion and dust storms, affecting agricultural productivity, its economy and carbon accounts, a new research from the Australian government's body for scientific research, SIRO

 Bio economy

The Bioeconomy Institute to study production of biochar for use as a soil amendment that stores carbon underground instead of allowing carbon dioxide to re-enter the atmosphere as plants decompose.


 Bioventing is an In-Situ remediation technology that uses indigenous microorganisms to biodegrade organic constituents adsorbed to soils in the unsaturated zone. Soils in the capillary fringe and the saturated zone are not affected. In Bioventing, the activity of the indigenous bacteria is enhanced by inducing air (or oxygen) flow into the unsaturated zone (using extraction or injection wells) and, if necessary, by adding nutrients.

Contaminants must be identified and their potential threat assessed, sites must be characterized and investigated, and media must be treated or removed to address contamination. EPA ...

 Biological Treatment of Contaminated Soil

 This video describes what ex-situ bioremediation is and narrows in on three different processes that can be used to treat contaminated soils. The techniques ... 


However, this is problematic for environmental scienceopen access publications and watershed managers  These Environmental Remediation Projects are the result of both natural and a myriad of human action or activity before, during, and after Roadside and Site Development

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Enables more efficient use of traditional soil