Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Central Oregon Stormwater Manua


This e-mail is to update you on (1) new ways you can get the final
Central Oregon Stormwater Manual and (2) the third Stakeholder Workshop
and Manual Training.

How to get the Manual
The full final Manual is now available for download from the COIC
website: http://www.coic.org/stormwater. A Revision Suggestion Form has
also been placed on the webpage so that users and readers can start to
suggest revisions for the next round of updates (currently scheduled for
Spring 2008).

If you would like to purchase a hardcopy of the Manual, COIC is now
accepting orders. A color hardcopy in a binder will cost $40. Please
contact Kelly Elzner to let her know you would like one and to arrange
payment at: KElzner@coic.org or (541) 548-9544. Hardcopies will be
available by June 29, the day of the third Stakeholder Workshop. If you
would like to order a hardcopy but will not be attending the Workshop
then alternate arrangements can be made for pick-up.

Third Stakeholder Workshop and Manual Training
The third workshop and training is scheduled for June 29, 2007. We
have already received 46 pre-registrations and have started to put later
registrants on a wait list for the workshop. As a result, we've been
working on additional space and it is very likely that anyone placed on
the wait list will indeed be able to attend the workshop. So if you
want to attend don't let the wait list deter you and please contact
Kelly Elzner to register soon: KElzner@coic.org or (541) 548-9544.
Those on the wait list will be notified definitively on Friday June 22
whether there is space for them to attend or not.

For more information about the workshop please visit

Thanks for your interest in the Central Oregon Stormwater Manual and
please feel free to contact me about the Manual, workshop, or other
aspects of the project.

Phil Chang

Phil Chang
Program Administrator
Central Oregon Intergovernmental Council
2363 SW Glacier Place
Redmond, OR 97756
(541) 548-9534

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