Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Rip Rap Alternative, Scour Stop - Green Erosion Control Solution

ScourStop is a no-maintenance post-construction BMP.

- ScourStop is a semi-rigid, high-density polyethylene plastic mat (4 ft X 4 ft X ½ inch) designed with voids throughout the structure which enable vegetative growth. ScourStop is formulated with 10+ years, UV protection which colors it a dark green. Additionally, once vegetated, the mat is mostly shielded from the sun and undetectable – making it a permanent installation.

- ScourStop integrates vegetation with modern polymer material technology to mechanically protect the soil from scour and erosion until the shear forces have dissipated. This synergy of mechanical protection and vegetation enables this BMP system to resist much higher shear stresses and velocities than vegetation alone or rock rip rap.

* ScourStop is only one element of a channel protection BMP protecting the scour area; the other element of the BMP is the downstream channel protection. Sod and/or turf-reinforcement mats can carry the water load once expansion of the channel has enabled a decrease in the shear forces and velocity.

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Unknown said...

Another alternative to control erosion is by using geotextiles. It works by trapping the sediments on the surface of the fabric to prevent them from getting into the water. A range of erosion control products can be used like sand bags and coir mats.