Thursday, April 2, 2009

Erosion's Frequently Asked Questions of Erosion and Sediment Control

Here are a few erosion & sediment control topics that should help you find more solutions to soil, water & wind erosion, regulations, technical papers and other global environmental organizations responsible for environmental cleanup and waste management.

What is water quality trading?
Water quality trading is a voluntary option that regulated point sources can use to meet their NPDES permit limits. Trading can accelerate water quality improvement and reduce compliance costs. Through water quality trading, facilities that face higher pollutant control costs to meet their regulatory obligations can purchase pollutant reduction credits from other sources that can generate these reductions at lower cost, thus achieving the same or better overall water quality improvement. In most cases, trading takes place on a watershed level under a pollutant cap (the total pollutant load that can be assimilated by a waterbody without exceeding water quality standards) developed through the Total Maximum Daily Load process or a similar type of water quality analysis that produces information on pollutant loadings and resulting water quality conditions. Water quality trading is focused on nitrogen and phosphorus though other pollutants may be considered for trading on a case-by-case basis

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