Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Erosion Control News

Libby Montana: EPA Ordered Cleanup and Intervention is Dramatic 180 Degree Turn in Policy | The Moderate Voice
The Obama administration has a new take on the duties and budgets of the EPA, not only different, but startlingly so, from previous admins who used the stalling technique for decades to deal with citizens very real chargers re

* Agent Orange exposure during Nam
Black Lung out of Pennsylvania and West Virginia, and more
* >Radiation exposure deaths in Utah, New Mexico, Arizona
* Water contamination of cadmium and other heavy minerals, Brownsville
* Land contamination by uranium heaps, Rocky Flats, Colorado
* Johns Manville, asbestos contamination
* Trailer industry, formaldehyde contamination
* Libby Montana, asbestos contamination.

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