Sunday, May 2, 2010

USDA Announces New Program to Restore Wetlands

The US Department of Agri-culture has announced a new program, called the Wetlands Reserve En-hancement Program (WREP), to “restore, en-hance, protect, and manage habitat for migratory birds and other wetland-dependent wildlife.” WREP is offering at least $25 mil-lion for individual projects as well as projects that cover watersheds and lar-ger areas. The program gives priority to projects that achieve wetland resto-ration and improve wildlife habitat; use non-federal
resources to coordi-nate with local, state, tribal, or federal ef-forts; and provide innovation in wetland protection, restora-tion, and enhance-ment methods. “The wetland restoration and en-hancement actions,” said Tom Vilsak, US Secretary of Agriculture, “made possi-ble through WREP will maximize wild-life habitat values, water quality, and improve the overall environment.” A request for proposals is available on the USDA’s website, and the deadline for proposals is

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