Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Dust Control | Soil Stabilization | MIDWEST

We'd like to welcome Dust Control | Soil Stabilization | MIDWEST to your growing list of advertisers who choose to expand their product line and improve their Prime Viability and Google Rankings.

Midwest lives in, manufactures for, and delivers Earth-conscious solutions around the world to clients in the quarry, mining, construction, iron/steel, rail/mass transit and dozens of other industries whose success depends on overcoming dust, erosion, ice, or unstable soil conditions.

Our “Yes” is Your Guarantee

One phone call to Midwest is all it takes to be on the way to effective and environmentally-sound dust control, erosion control, soil stabilization and anti-icing solutions. Midwest is the can-do company that sees green as a primary color. We develop environmentally-safe products in our own lab so that our customers fulfill regulatory requirements as well as their own and their customers’ wishes to be gentle on our planet while getting the job done. Not so gentle on ourselves, we tenaciously pursue groundbreaking solutions for simple and complex problems and strive to deliver them with standard-setting service so our customers will never have to turn elsewhere.

www.erosioncontrolforum.com is proud of the products they supply as they truly represent the theme of this erosion website.

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