Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Degraded rivers, unsustainable farming catalysts for soil erosion

Western Cape rivers are generally degraded and unstable, said Western Cape Department of Agriculture’s (DoA’s) Hans King.
He explained that this was caused by the flourishing invasive alien plant species in rivers, the disappearance of indigenous riverine plants, the narrowing of river channels, owing to developments in the flood plains, and the bulldozing of river beds by landowners.
King was one of the speakers at the International Erosion Control Association Southern Africa Chapter conference, recently held in George, in the Western Cape province.
He said that a clear dynamic of the rivers is the knock-on effect of erosion. Runaway erosion

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Thanks for sharing the links to the other 13 resources on sediment control, I'll be sure to read up on some of them as this is a very important aspect to new businesses and construction.