Monday, July 14, 2014

Holistic Approach to Erosion Control

The holistic approach to managing erosion control for air and water quality and associated earth functions  consists of determinable chaos making possible an approach to tackle point and non-point source pollution problems.  

This approach  identifies resources that treat polluted runoff and minimize the amount of pollution generated by greenhouse gases and other toxic wastes.

 Your "Green Engineering" website addresses point source and non-point source pollution from an urban perspective

Phytoremediation mitigatine pollutant concentrated in the  contaminated atmosher of earth, soils, water, and wetlands. 

This process restores ecological balance with plants able to contain, degrade, or eliminate metals, pesticides, solvents, explosives, crude oil and its derivatives, and various other contaminants from the media that contain them.

The goal of self-regulation is the maintenance of habitability.

The way we change the air with greenhouse gases and take away its natural  forest cover for farmland; the outcome is global heating

This is how Gaia keeps a habitable: planet:  Species that improve habitability flourish and those that foul the environment are set back or go extinct.

"An hour above high camp on the Southeast Ridge of Everest, Panuru Sherpa and I passed the first body. The dead climber was on his side, as if napping in the snow, his head half covered by the hood of his parka, goose down blowing from holes torn in his insulated pants. Ten minutes later we stepped around another body, her torso shrouded in a Canadian flag, an abandoned oxygen bottle holding down the flapping fabric.".

 How to fix the mess at the top of the world

The need for pure water : dislike it or not

 Dislike it they may, fracking may be a short term solution yet with long term consequences. 

A study that found hydraulic fracturing for natural gas puts drinking-water supplies in Pennsylvania at risk of contamination may renew a long-running debate between industry and activists.

 Water treatment is a global challenge were 1.7 million people die annually from diseases related to polluted water and 1.1 billion people have no access to drinking water. New technology and design, treating municipal and industrial waste-water and reusing......

Since coming into existence in 2011, Eco-Sustain Africa has contributed to conservation of endangered species by monitoring and managing the release of cheetah onto a reserve in the Limpopo Province of South Africa. We also actively participated in the rehabilitation of captive bred caracal into the wild and helped resolve human-elephant conflict at a commercial game reserve.

Not only did many of our volunteers assist with these projects but they also SustainAfrica

Planetary scale engineering might be able to combat global warming, but, as with nineteenth century medicine, the best option may simply be kind words and letting Nature take its course, says James Lovelock

Only climatologists tolerated Gaia theory as global heating slowly gained acceptance

 "The world of science has evolved to the dangerous point whee model-building has precedence over observation and measurement especially in Earth and life sciences. In certain ways modeling by scientists has become a threat to the foundation on which science has stood the acceptance that nature is always the final  arbiter.

Water treatment is a global challenge were 1.7 million people die annually from diseases related to polluted water and 1.1 billion people have no access to drinking water. New technology and design, treating municipal and industrial waste-water and that a hypothesis must always be tested by experiment and observation in the real world."


John Wood said...

I certainly wouldn't be quoting Tim Flannery nor Al Gore. Both discredited opportunists who have cost both Australia and US Billions in needless costs, to achieve nothing. To think that, as King Canute, we can redirect Mother Nature, when in fact with all the hair-brained schemes these loonies come up with, we can only reduce temperatures by a small unmeasurable fraction of a degree. With evidence that lies, distortion and bullying are rife in the climate business,that clearly the peeer review process has been hijacked and good scientists have been demonised for a political agenda. We won't be fooled any longer.

Tzeitel Thompson said...

Green engineering sounds super interesting. Where can I go for more information about that? Learning about the environment is so much fun!
Hilary |

Kristen Dockery said...

I think it is good to target polluted runoff because I think a lot of people forget about that sometimes just dumping their garbage where it doesn't belong and also littering. Thank you for the eye opening article. I know I will pay more attention to what I do with my garbage.

Zeda Jackson said...

It makes sense how pure water goes hand in hand with erosion control. What exactly is there to know about erosion control? what is the best way to control it? Thanks for sharing.

Elle Williams said...

I agree that taking a holistic approach is the best thing to do to control erosion as well as sedimentation. Erosive elements can be mitigated, at best, through erosion control products. You can find these at which include article guides to learn other methods of erosion control.